Industries to watch in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

AS A recap of what I wrote last week, those born in the years of the Sheep and Monkey would be financially blessed this year. Maritess Allen, the feng shui master, goes on to say, “The number 8 (wealth star) flies to the southwest this year. This is the corner of the Sheep and the Monkey, so they will enjoy the benefits of the wealth star throughout the year. Other lucky signs of the year include the Rabbit (prosperity), the Dragon and Snake (victory, luck), Horse (windfall), and Rooster (romance, luck).

Unlucky Signs

Not so lucky are those born in the years of the Dog and Boar, who will have to deal with a lot of arguments because of the conflict star. Likewise, those born in the Year of the Rat will have to contend with the Robbery Star. Most unlucky are those born in the Year of the Tiger and the Ox, who will have to deal with the misfortune star. Those born in the Year of the Horse will also contend with the three killings star in the south.

“The Tiger will have to be especially careful because in addition to being the enemy of the Monkey, it has to contend with the misfortune star,” the feng shui master says. All of us have to look after our health, though, as the illness star flies to the center of the chart.

“The year is hot, with three fire elements. There are also three metal elements, one wood and one earth. What is missing is water,” Allen says.

Property sector

Transformation, expansion and opportunities come in 2016 for the real estate industry but the market will see a very competitive landscape, as the number of developments rise and customers become more discerning.

Based on the forecast of geomancer Paul Ng, businesses involving water, metal or earth would be favorable and prosperous this year because they are in harmony with the fire element. This prediction is also supported by feng shui expert Joey Yap. According to him, since fire is dominant and fire creates earth, the general outlook is still positive despite the economic slowdown in other neighboring countries. Certified master feng shui consultant Joyce M. Co of World of Feng Shui-Malaysia says that with 2016 being a fire year, there is inevitably a lack of water supply in the elements. Surrounding ourselves with water and its different forms will help bring balance. “In the cycle of elements, fire creates earth and earth has always been related to the real estate industry. As we enter the year, there is a lot of growth, expansion and opportunities that can be seen in this sector.”

The country’s growing demand from office rental, rising rents, construction boom and steady OFW remittances play an important part as well in driving the property sector’s growth.

Personally, I look at the property sector differently. The industry has matured. It has had record extended runs and the softening in the vertical segment is inevitable. All other segments and asset classes will continue to exhibit fairly reasonable growth.

Women Power

The absence of water does not bode well for those in positions of authority like CEOs, heads of state and heads of the family.

“Water symbolizes authority. This means, because there is an absence of water in the charts, the authority of the patriarch is weakened. What’s more, since the conflict or argument Star flies to the northwest (the corner of the patriarchs) this year, they will be disgruntled (masungit) and may have to deal with challenges to their authority.

On the other hand, things look great for the matriarch because of the auspicious stars that are in the southwest corner, which is the corner of the matriarch. Ladies will rule this year, so the men will have to be careful,” she said.

Good year for beauty industries

She says it will be a bullish year for the stock market, especially in the second half, while those in the beauty or personal development businesses will experience “great success.” Those in the metal industry, like pawnshops, will experience “fantastic” growth.

Those in the wood industries—retail, publishing, agriculture—not so much. A word of caution to suppliers…since 2016 is an election year, be sure to ask at least for down payments before you accept printing of flyers and brochures from politicians. If they lose, they may not be able to pay you anymore.


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