Family businesses in the year of the red fire monkey

I HAVE decided to prioritize this timely article related to the year of the red fire monkey, hoping our dear readers can use the information as a good reference point in dealing with family members and business owners in the areas of relationships and growth.

At the start of any year, everyone is filled with anticipation and bated breath, eagerly wanting to know what will happen and what trends will drive the direction of activities in the upcoming year. It’s always useful to read some forecasts from a wide range of industry pros, for the information can help validate or adjust one’s direction in his career or business.

The year 2015 has been interesting. We have seen businesses experience both success and failure but struggle at times to understand why. This article will present interesting predictions for 2016, from the perspective of feng shui experts, the Philippine government, Asian Development Bank and business consultants, both local and foreign.

Feng shui predictions

While we have officially welcomed 2016, the Chinese Zodiac ushered in the year of the fire monkey only last Feb. 8. Cheerful and energetic by nature, monkeys represent flexibility, intelligence and confidence.

The year of the fire monkey, being propitious for regular money supply, is also the right time in 2016 for families and couples to reconsider their daily relationships and break the routine.

Partnerships and new projects

According to an online article, the combination of fire with the sign of the monkey brings vitality and innovation to both business and personal relationships. If you start a new project, make sure you get associated with the right business partners, as new sparkling energies also mean heavier risks in case of failure. At work, provided you stay quick, focused and surrounded by the right people, your business might become mature enough for takeoff in 2016.

Although the monkey may bring instability because it is an animal that’s crafty and restless, open to volatility and change, it could also herald major innovation, says Hong Kong-based soothsayer Thierry Chow, as technology falls into the “fire” category.

In an article written by George Sison, consciousness guru and founder of the Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity (TOPPP), he wrote that the fire monkey is particularly good in ventures that are speculative and is an expert in its evaluation of risks to be taken. The key words for this year are achievable, workable and feasible including what many may consider impossible.

Everywhere, new inventions and improvisations will arise. The year is described as “highly competitive” and has also been compared to a big bluff game similar to poker. This will be played in all sectors including politics, big business and even diplomacy – and everyone will be given a chance to join.

The key is to fix all family feuds and misunderstandings

Business will prosper in expected and unexpected ways, as a result of new and unconventional ways of doing things. On the other hand, according to feng shui expert Marites Allen, future success is likely for anything associated with the water element, as well as industries like spa, tourism, banking and shipping.

Lucky colors for this year include blue, black and grey. (No wonder Miss Universe 2016 Pia Alonzo was extra lucky in her stunning royal blue gown by designer Albert Andrada.) As things go, the year of the fire monkey is ripe with possibilities, fraught with obstructions and challenges, with people (not necessarily politicians) looking for opportunities and advantages—much like the monkey, who is known for his “scheming tactics.”  Of course, one need not be a feng shui expert to know this as the national elections is on May 9.

Change is inevitable

“Everybody will be looking out for themselves, especially financially. The elections will be largely peaceful but marred by conflict, and the next president, whoever that may be, will naturally have to deal with a lot of politicking and challenges,” Allen says.  She refuses to predict who will win the polls without a thorough look at the candidates’ charts. She did say most of the candidates were born in the year of the rooster (so expect a cockfight, figuratively, when elections come). Allen also warns against air, shipping or land disasters during the year. Traffic will continue to become a major problem.

On a positive note, those born in the years of the sheep and monkey will be financially blessed this year. “The number 8 [wealth star] flies to the southwest this year. This is the corner of the sheep and the monkey, so they will enjoy the benefits of the wealth star throughout the year. What’s more, there will be two months during the year that the number 8 doubles up. So, you might win in the lotto”, she advises, not totally in jest. Other lucky signs of the year include the rabbit (prosperity), the dragon and snake (victory luck), horse (windfall), and rooster (romance luck).


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